Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SC Homeowners Insurance vs Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile Home after a tornado

From time to time I am asked about SC homeowners insurance for a "modular home".

I am sure as these type dwellings become more and more popular, this will increase. It is always a tricky discussion because I have to ask a series of questions to make sure that I am insuring the property correctly. When I question the customer, I am trying to make sure the home is truly a modular home and not a mobile home or manufactured home.  Mobile Home insurance is a totally different thing.  Here are some of the differences between modular homes and mobile homes:
  • A modular home is built in a factory under a controlled environment. It is constructed in several sections and put together on the job site.
  • A modular home is NOT built around a metal automotive frame to keep it mobile. 
  • A modular home is NOT titled but is deeded. 
  • A modular home is transported to the job site on a flat bed trailer. 
  • A modular home is lifted onto a permanent foundation by a crane. A modular home is NOT underpinned. 
  • A modular home has the electric meter base on the home itself and not on a separate pole.:
All of these things are good things to look for when trying to distinguish a true modular home from a mobile home. This is very important because a modular home is insured like a regular stick-built home and hopefully will increase in value over time. Mobile homes, on the other hand, have a higher insurance cost per thousand of coverage.

~Scott Todd

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