Saturday, June 12, 2010

Motorcycle Insurance in Myrtle Beach - Play it Safe!

With the two major bike rallies behind us this year, the state of South Carolina has announced that Myrtle Beach's controversial helmet laws are unconstitutional and must be repealed.  This is a happy day for many motorcycle lovers, but is sure to cause more injury and death on the highways. We encourage everyone to wear a helmet when they ride. It's at least or even more important than wearing a seatbelt, and seems a small price to pay to help prevent devastating head injuries.

We offer excellent rates for SC motorcycle insurance on standard type bikes such as a Harley. Racing bikes like the ones often seen over Memorial Day are not standard motorcycles and are very expensive to insure.  Before you buy a bike, be sure and run it by us to make sure the one you choose falls into a category you can afford to maintain, for both safety and monetary reasons.

Passengers are covered - we are often asked this, and the answer is yes. We hope your rider is wearing a helmet too!  Riding your motorcycle around Myrtle Beach is great fun, but try to keep your safety in mind while you're riding, and don't be a statistic.  Remember too, that combining your insurance coverage with your SC car insurance gets you the best discounts for all!

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