Friday, May 11, 2012

Myrtle Beach Summer Traffic Brings Yearly Hazards

It's almost that time again. Summer is nearly here, and with it the traffic headaches and, as always, the accidents.  We wanted to post a few reminders that we hope will get you through it without causing yourself a lot of trouble, as well as ruining someone's vacation.

1. Drive defensively. We all know the vacationers are distracted by restaurant signs, noisy and excited children, and usually unfamiliar roads.  They are not going to be able to keep their minds 100% on the road.  That means we locals need to step up and do it for them.  Keep your eyes on the other drivers and try to plan for their blunders and sudden stops.

2. Try to use the bypasses whenever possible. They are there to help keep cross-town traffic flowing and make it easier to get from Little River to Surfside. Highway 31, Highway 22, and the 17 Bypass will help keep your nerves steady and lower frustration levels.

3. Avoid the busiest times to go out. Restaurant Row and places like Barefoot Landing and Broadway at the Beach are packed from 6 to 8 at night, especially on the weekends. Do you really need to get in the middle of it?

4. Be sure your liability, collision, and uninsured motorists insurance is up to date and adequate to replace your vehicle and protect you and your passengers. Call us to go over your auto coverage and don't wait till you need it before you find out you don't have it!  We're here for you!

Enjoy the summer!  We live in paradise!

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