Friday, September 25, 2009

All Renters Need Renters Insurance

One of the most undersold policies is a renter's policy. You need renters insurance if you rent your home, apartment, or condo and do not own it. A South Carolina renters insurance policy insures your personal property or contents of your home. The best renters policies will cover your personal property on a "replacement" cost" basis. That means that no matter how old the item is, it will be replaced with a new item of like kind and quality without depreciation.

A good renters policy will also have liability coverage attached. Personal liability coverage pays your legal defense and any subsequent judgement against you should you be sued because of something that happens on your residence premises. It is very easy to purchase a renters policy in South and North Carolina.

Visit our website and get a quick online quote for rental insurance. We service both North and South Carolina. You will be surprised how CHEAP it is!


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