Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RV and Motorhome Insurance in SC

So you've decided to follow that life-long dream and buy a beautiful motorhome to travel the country. Congratulations! Nothing could be more fun than taking a leisurely cross-country trip to see the US in your own comfy RV. It's the most wonderful way of all to share adventures with your spouse or friends.

Registering an RV in South Carolina is the same process as registering a vehicle. Unlike a tag-along camper, a motorhome IS a vehicle.

Notify your insurance agent (Todd Insurance Agency we hope!) first, and combine your new RV along with your SC homeowners insurance policy if possible. As we have stressed so often, the best way to discount your car insurance is with the "Multi-policy Discount". If your car or home is insured somewhere else, please consider letting us handle these along with any other insurance you have. We can really save you some money!

And as the Allstate commercial says, "Breaking up is hard to do". We will do the switch for you!

When you've insured your RV with us, we'll give you a proof of insurance certificate that you will take along with your title to the tax office. SC charges a 5% tax on all newly purchased vehicles.

You will also need to print out a SC Registration Application Form 400,
(pdf download) and fill it out.

With the tax receipt, title form, and proof of insurance, step over to the license department and get your tags. Now, knowing your new toy is protected by the best insurance you can have, climb in the drivers seat and visit Niagra Falls, the Grand Canyon, the entire state of Florida, and all the other places you've always wanted to see!

Visit our office or call us for a quote on RV insurance, boat insurance in Myrtle Beach, SC car insurance, renters insurance in south carolina, or Homeowners Insurance in Myrtle Beach SC. PS...send us a postcard!


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