Monday, March 15, 2010

FEMA Flood Insurance in Horry County May See a Reduction

Horry County homeowners outside of the city limits should soon see a reduction in their flood insurance rates. The county has applied to a national FEMA program called the Community Rating System, or CRS, which presents safety protocols that have to be followed and the county is graded as to how well floods are managed by Horry County Emergency Management officials. If we're accepted, everyone will see a 5% reduction in their SC flood insurance rates. It is only for people in the county, not inside the city.

They estimate a reduction of $25 per year for homeowners in a flood zone, and $14 a year for those not in a flood zone.  Countywide, it represents about $300,000.

Emergency management officials say they will work to upgrade our position with FEMA and reductions can increase even more in years to come. If Horry County is accepted, rate decreases could be seen as early as October.

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